Shifter Media
Connecting Brands to Communities through Social Content

Shifter Media

Connecting Brands to Communities through Social Content

Content Built to Share

Shifter Media creates entertaining and engaging content that connects audiences with consumer brands, leveraging social media as the primary distribution mechanism for clients. We dig deeper through analytics and look for insights that will guide us to create engaging connections between brands and audiences. We start with the available research and data on what kinds of content target audiences are most likely to engage with. Only then do we put together a content plan.

The result is stories built to share with a distribution strategy integrated from the start.

We boast a network of the top film, TV and video producers from across the country, plus seasoned journalists, editors, designers and photographers, and can execute first-class content strategies whatever your budget.


Specializing in

Content Strategy

We work with clients to develop and execute a plan that makes sense from an audience and brand perspective. We provide analytics and data pulls that guide us in targeting audiences and enlist a top creative team to execute the content program to engage that audience.

Business Strategy

We work with clients to develop digital and content strategies, along with innovative business solutions, to help you evolve and grow in the digital age. Our partners are the leading creators of video, virtual reality and podcasts in the digital space.

Content Distribution

Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are at the core, but we also leverage relationships within media outlets and negotiate deals on behalf of our clients to stream videos on appropriate web properties.

Content Performance Measurement

We provide clients with data and analysis on views, engagement, audience reach and other key indicators on campaign elements to assess what is working and tweak campaigns on the fly.